Mission Statement

Our life at First Presbyterian Church is rich with our mission to love God and love others. We readily admit we haven’t perfected our mission – far from it! We know that we are a collection of regular human beings with all our human frailty. BUT, we genuinely want to grow in love and recognize that in our life together we are always being given opportunities to learn about and grow in the love God wants us to show for him, for one another and for the world we live in. We find that challenging and satisfying, especially knowing that Jesus is in our midst helping us to accomplish our bold mission to love. Here’s how we like to state the mission we are growing in:

To be the LOVING COMMUNITY of Jesus Christ that will…

  • WIN new followers of Christ to saving faith
  • GROW all followers to deeper faith
  • GO into the world and demonstrate faith

We would love to welcome you to come join with us, to bring all that you are and be part of the adventure we are on figuring out just what this rich life of loving and caring looks like.


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