We are community that believes in the power of prayer.  Members are encouraged to pray for one another regularly.  Prayer is an integral part of our weekly small group meetings.  In addition, specific times have been set aside during the week for those that would like to come together to pray.

 Wednesday Prayer Team

Please come pray each Wednesday, 9:30 – 10:00 am, in the church library with a team of dedicated pray-ers lifting praises and concerns to the Lord for members of our church family, the greater Ottawa community, our missionaries, our nation, and the world.  If you would like this team to pray for you, please fill out the pink prayer request forms made available during worship, or email Pastor Walker with your prayer request.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Do you know someone who could use a hug from God?  Who doesn’t!  The Prayer Shawl ministry team will provide you with a Prayer Shawl to give that someone who needs special assurance of our God’s love for them.  Please contact Jackie Bean (815.434.3380) for details.

Healing and Wholeness

Join us the first Sunday of July when our focus in worship will be on God’s power for healing and wholeness in our lives. First Presbyterian’s occasional service of Healing and Wholeness reminds us that God wants us to be whole in every area of our lives. Jesus came to deliver people from the despair of our sin-sickness AND he demonstrated that reality by supernatural power and signs of healing on many occasions. Then he left his church with that power to heal. As Christians, we know that God is still healing our brokenness – in many places of our bodies, relationships and lives. So we are bold to ask God for healing according to James 5:14-16. If you have any need for healing in your life, be bold to ask God for it, and let others join you in the asking during communion today at one of the stations for healing prayer.

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